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Party Wall Surveying

Are you a homeowner planning to build on or close to a wall owned by your neighbours? Or have you recently been served a notice by your neighbours informing you that they are planning to build on or near a wall located on your property?

Edward Shepherds Associates can help you solve any disputes in relation to the shared wall or the boundary between your two properties, by providing a certified party wall surveyor who will look into the issue and suggest workable solutions.

The 1996 Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act was implemented in 1996 and aims to provide guidelines concerning the building of walls and other structures on the boundaries between two properties, the wall owned by two separate parties or the party wall.

The Party Wall Act covers three kinds of constructions built on or near the party wall.

Any changes to the shared wall
The construction of a new wall on the boundary line
Excavation near the shared wall

If a building or property owner wishes to undertake any of the above works, the Party Wall Act states that the building owner must get the consent of the adjoining building owner before the construction work can begin. In order to get consent, the building owner commissioning the work must draw up a Party Wall Notice and have this signed by his neighbour. If the adjoining owner does not agree to the statements in the Party Wall Notice, the two property owners will be seen to be in dispute under the Party Wall Act.

A Party Wall Surveyor, such as those which can be hired at Edward Shepherd Associates, will then be appointed. They are usually hired by the building owner undertaking the construction work, in order to settle the dispute. The settling of this boundary issue dispute is done in the form of a Party Wall Agreement also known as an ‘Award’. Party wall surveyors can act in the interest of either one of the building owners, or they can be appointed as an ‘Agreed’ party wall surveyor and act as an impartial witness and negotiator between the two parties.

Why Choose Edward Shepherds Associates as your Party Wall Surveyor

Party wall surveyors at Edward Shepherds Associates are all members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors. All party wall surveyors are qualified and experienced in acting as both ‘Agreed’ surveyors as well as on a specific owner’s behalf.

We always respond quickly to enquiries and will ensure that one of our party wall surveyors gets back to you soon with their expert advice concerning the issue or dispute. Our party wall surveyors travel to homes nationwide and our travel expenses are capped at one hour, which ensures that we always offer our surveying services at an affordable rate.

Party Wall Surveying Costs - £500

Our Party Wall Surveying services are set at a fixed price of £500 per Party Wall Agreement or Award.

Contact Edward Shepherds Associates today on 07786592303 or 01354462052 for advice concerning The Party Wall Act or help in settling party wall disputes.