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Welcome to Edward Shepherd Associates

Edward Shepherd Associates is an independent building surveying practice that serves the whole of East Anglia.
It currently holds a 5 star rating from it's previous customers. All our work is covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

The range of services we offer are;

Building Survey

We would gain access to the loft and inspect the roof timbers for structural integrity and moisture content,
​​​​​​​lift manhole covers to inspect the clear workings of the drainage system.
Check the structural integrity and dampness of all the walls. We also test the workings of any accessible electrical outlets.
We would compile a list of associated cost with any repairs that may be required and advice on how to remedy them.

Condition survey

As a Building Survey, less the remedy and costing of repairs. However we would still highlight any items of concern and urgent defects.

We would also advise you on how you could enhance the property,
whether it be via a loft conversion, garage conversion or a side/rear extension and anything in your interest.

Our no jargon report only takes 2 working days to reach you after the survey is conducted.
We arrange our access to the property via the selling agent, to ease your stress.
We are happy to look at and advise on any items specifically requested and are always obtainable for further assistance and advice.

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